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Super competition for super illustrators

Tapirulan’s illustration competition is celebrating its first 15 years, so it is no longer a normal competition, but we can consider it, rather proudly, a super competition, open to all superillustrators, ready to surpass themselves and especially their competitors to be among the 48 selected artists who will have their work on display in the exhibition. At stake, for the overall winner, there is the super prize of 2,500 euros. At this point it is perhaps superfluous to specify that the theme of the fifteenth edition of the competition for illustrators is SUPER.

We have no doubt that you will come up with something superlative, filling either the paper surface or the monitor with creativity. You can participate with just one square format illustration, to be sent by October 17, 2019; unless of course you’re superstitious, in which case you may also deliver on October 18. The selection of the works is entrusted to the jury supervised by this year’s special guest: Bruno Bozzetto, illustrator, cartoonist, and, above all, director of unsurpassed short and animated films. Lastly we invite you to participate in the competition, having read the rules meticulously, point by point; and whatever happens, do not be superficial!

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