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Special guest Bruno Bozzetto

The special guest of the fifteenth edition of the exhibition is Bruno Bozzetto.

Bruno Bozzetto was born in Milan on the 3rd of March 1938. With a career that spans 60 years, he is esteemed as one of the most eclectic and influential cartoonists of all times. From the 1960s to the present he has made more than 300 films that earned him 130 acknowledgments, among which the remarkable Winsor McCay Award, 5 Silver Ribbon Awards, an Honorary degree, 15 Awards dedicated to his Career, an Oscar Nomination for “Grasshoppers” and a Berlin Golden Bear Award for “Mr Tao”.Amongst the most famous titles that he produced or co-produced are “West&Soda” (1965), “Vip my brother Superman” (1968), “Allegro non troppo” (1976), “Mr Rossi looks for happiness” (1975), “Under the Chinese Restaurant” (1987), “Europe& Italy” (1999), “Quark” and“Superquark” (educational animated episodes written by science journalist Piero Angela). He’s currently working on a graphic novel featuring characters Minivip and Supervip with a French publisher. Today Bruno continues to work in the field by creating new subjects, animating and sketching but also collaborating on wider projects through Bozzetto&Co. production Studio. He also continues to take part in Festivals, events, meetings and educational classes in Italy and around the world.

Bruno Bozzetto - Il signor Rossi compra l'automobile
Bruno Bozzetto – Il signor Rossi compra l’automobile