Super - Nomina del vincitore del concorso Francesco Fidani

A super day

After endless days of work, inconveniences, frugal meals, sleepless nights, we arrived at the super day: Saturday 30 November. The starting point was set at 4pm with the inauguration of Joey Guidone’s personal exhibition – DRY -, a beautiful collection of about 50 illustrations, made for magazines, book covers and personal projects. Among these illustrations is also shown the image with which Joey Guidone won last year the 14th edition of the illustration competition (“Little Castaway), the one created this year for Super (out of competition) and the cover and back cover illustrations of the catalog Dry. Introduced by Letizia

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Tapirulan Illustrators Contest • 15th edition

This super competition is open to all superillustrators, ready to surpass themselves and especially their competitors. At stake, for the overall winner, there is the super prize of 2,500 euros. At this point it is perhaps superfluous to specify that the theme of the fifteenth edition of the competition for illustrators is SUPER

Special guest: Bruno Bozzetto

The special guest of the 15th edition is Bruno Bozzetto, multifaceted author of illustrations, cartoons and animated films. His most famous character is Mr. Rossi, but the most important works are three extraordinary feature films: West & Soda, Allegro non troppo and Vip my brother Superman

The exposition

The purpose of the Tapirulan contest is not only to award an illustrator, but also to produce an exciting show, attract visitors and focus public attention on illustration as  a profession.

Awards and publications

48 authors selected for the exhibition and for the catalog. The winner receives a prize of 2,500 euros and the following year he is the protagonist of his own exhibition with a personal catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can draw a squared  illustration which theme is Super. Send it till October 18 2018 by our online form.

Yes. The Jury will select 48 authors. One of them will win the Jury’s Prize of 2.500 euros. Furthermore, the next year, the winner will be hosted in the Tapirulan Space for a solo show.

You can read the rules here.

How long does it take to the deadline?

Il concorso è scaduto!
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