Illustrators on tandem

On the tandem you normally travel in two, maximum three, or even four.

We have placed 52 seats on the Tapirulan tandem, they seem like a lot, but they are very few, because we would have liked many other travel companions with us. Unfortunately we can’t, so we have to resign ourselves, and with sadness we draw up the list of those who get on the saddle.

Online voting to award the Popular Prize will begin on February 10, 2024. We remind you that you will only be able to vote for the 52 selected illustrations; Voting will end on March 10, 2024. At the end of March (we will announce the exact dates as soon as possible) the Tandem exhibition will be inaugurated, together with the exhibition of Franco Matticchio, special guest of this edition, and of Ane Arzelus, winner of the previous edition of the competition.

Selected illustrators for the exhibition and the 2024 calendar

Francesca Aiello Jessica Antonini Federico Babina Elena Ceccato Jacques & Lise Andrey Kokorin Manuela Marazzi Alice Piaggio Jacopo Riccardi Maurizio Tibaldi Ste Tirasso Dongyan Xu

Selected illustrators for the exhibition

Anna Maria Benotto Erica Borgato Maria Lucia Carbone Alessia Carli Sasha Chagina Matilde Chizzola Giulia Cornaggia Iole D’Agostino Gaia D’Alconzo Gloria Di Bella Tianxing Du Antongionata Ferrari Samuele Franceschi Fabio Franchini Martina Gasparoli Joey Guidone Isabelle Hauser Kateřina Illnerová Sara Infante Manca Krošelj Pekka Kurki Erica Lazzeri Lillian Li Chiara Magnani Stefania Mallegni Anna Micheloni Iside Montanari Daniele Morganti Carlotta Notaro Leonardo Papa Charlotte Parente Cristina Pieropan Michele Redaelli Mattia Riami Emanuele Serra Nicoletti Elisa Stagnoli Leonardo Stanzial Irene Temperini Lucilla Tubaro Steven Van Hasten

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