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It is better to be 2 to watch the Tandem gallery

For us, it is always the most fun moment when the gallery with all the illustrations entered in the competition is released. How can we describe the pleasure we feel when we open each illustration?

No, we cannot describe it, but we hope you will feel it too now that you can peek at all 643 images, by as many artists, who have provided their interpretation of this strange theme: TANDEM.

What happens now?

A few updates on the continuation of the competition:

By 15 January 2024, the names of the 52 illustrators selected for the exhibition will be announced.
At the beginning of February 2024, voting for the Popular Prize will begin. Voting, we remind you, only concerns the 52 selected authors. In the gallery you can comment, exchange opinions, etc., but you do not vote!

The opening of the exhibition, scheduled for mid-March 2024, will also be the final moment of the competition: on that day, both the winner of the Popular Prize and the winner of the Critics’ Prize awarded by the jury will be announced.

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