The exposition

The purpose of the Tapirulan contest is not only to award an illustrator, but also to produce an exciting show, attract visitors and focus public attention on illustration as  a profession. A rich and colourful exhibition  made up of three sections: the images selected by the jury (usually about 48), the winning illustrations from previous editions, and finally, the works of the special guest illustrator.

The result is an exhibition of approximately 250 works. Every year we endeavour to add new exhibition venues to the original one, Cremona, which hosts the show between December and January. In the past, the show has been “exported” to Mantova, Ferrara, Parma.

In 2012 Tapirulan started a collaboration with the Municipality of Genova and the Museums of Genova-Nervi and in 2021 the exhibition will be held there for another three months at Villa Grimaldi Fassio in Nervi.

We put a lot of time and consideration into the hanging of the work because we believe it is vitally important for the illustrations to be well presented. In this section you will find some photographs of previous editions.