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The calendar

The competition for illustrators Tapirulan was born with the aim to publish an illustrated calendar. They were then invited the few authors who followed the activities of the association to submit your own image. In 2006 came then, just for fun, the first calendar of Tapirulan illustrators, and the following year he was banished the first real competition to select the 12 authors to publish. Over time the competition has evolved, the authors selected are no longer just 12, and the purpose of the competition is to prepare an exhibition that gives a broad overview of the world of illustration. Furthermore, the authors selected are the best space in the catalog, a publication definitely less “maturity” of the calendar.

However, the calendar remains the hallmark of our competition and – no doubt – is the publication to which we are most fond of because it takes us for a whole year, month by month, each illustration is fixed in our memory.

The calendar size is 30×35 cm with printing on uncoated paper 250 grams and black spiral binding. On the cover are reproduced thumbnails of all the pictures inside, while the individual pages of the months host the photos in large format, 30×30 cm.