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The super stress of cataloging

Do you know when you decide to tidy your house from head to toe?

When do you start to sift through every single crevice to put everything in the right place? Well, then you can understand how the days are going by at the Tapirulan headquarters since last Friday, when the fifteenth edition of the illustrator competition has expired …

In short, we have started the cataloging of the participating artworks: on the one hand there is the great pleasure of seeing the fruits of your superfantasy, on the other there is the stress of ending in a short time and above all not making mistakes. Will we succeed in this super venture? We hope to publish the gallery with all the artworks within the first days of November. Meanwhile, the jury will get to work to select the 48 authors for the exhibition and – of course – the winner of the first prize. The results are expected for November 20th, but as of now we are relaunching the appointment for Saturday November 30th, when the Super exhibition will finally be inaugurated, along with an extraordinary monographic exhibition by Bruno Bozzetto, special guest of this edition, and at exhibition of Joey Guidone, winner of the last edition.

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