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Utopic Gallery

We told you that utopia is like the horizon, right?
As Eduardo Galeano used to say: you walk two steps, and utopia goes away by two steps, you walk ten steps, and utopia goes away by ten steps… And so, just a few steps away from the inauguration of the exhibition UTOPIA, which was supposed to open on December 5, 2020, the utopia moves away. Unfortunately we are forced to postpone the exhibition due to the health emergency in Italy. Our city, Cremona, is in the red zone and therefore at the moment it is impossible for us to give a precise date, but we are trying to reorganise the exhibition in the spring, hoping that the utopia will not move another fifteen steps…
However, the competition does not stop, we have concluded the cataloguing of the works: this year 756 utopians took part in the competition. What are their utopias? To find out, you can visit the gallery which, as usual, collects all the illustrations received.

Visit the utopic gallery!

In the meantime the jury is working to select the most utopian among the 48 utopians. The works of the selected artists will be exhibited in the exhibition, as soon as Covid will grant us permission to resume a life, if not utopian, at least semi-normal.

We would like to remind you that the online voting for the winner of the Popular Prize will begin after the jury has completed the selection, around the middle of December. Both the winner of the Critics’ Prize (awarded by the jury) and the winner of the Popular Prize (awarded with online votes) will be nominated during the opening of the exhibition.

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