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Utopia – Selected illustrators

We hate Mondays, especially when the results of the illustration competition come out on a Monday. As you know, in a utopian world there are no firsts or lasts, and we wish we could say that also in this case. However, all competitions, in antithesis to the above principles, involve choices. Choices that this year’s jury made with the usual difficulties.

Below is the list of illustrators selected from the 756 participants. The selected illustrators will be exhibited in the Utopia exhibition that will begin in May 2021 (the current health situation does not allow us to give a certain date at the moment), together with the monographic exhibition of David McKee, special guest of this edition.

The selected illustrators are also competing for the Popular Prize: online voting will begin on 15 January 2021 and end on 30 March 2021.

Both the winner of the Critics’ Prize (awarded by the jury) and the winner of the Popular Prize (awarded through online voting) will be announced during the opening of the exhibition.

Selected illustrators for the exhibition and the calendar
Margherita Allegri
Marco Bonatti
Federica Bordoni
Giovanni Colaneri
Enrico Focarelli Barone
Joey Guidone
Miguel Pang Ly
Gianni Puri
Alessandra Scandella
Olga Shevchenko
Liuna Virardi
Tania Yakunova

Selected illustrators for the exhibition
Ghorbanimoghaddam Ali
Fulvio Ariani
Helga Aversa
Michael Bardeggia
Silvia Benedetti
Erica Borgato
Federico Bria
Eleonora Castagna
Costanza Coletti
Alessandro Coppola
Stefania D’amato
Chiara Dattola
Evelyn Daviddi
Francesco De Benedittis
Sabrina Gabrielli
Giulia Gardelli
Giovanni Gastaldi
Monica Hernandez
Irene e Irene
Tomas Ives
Maryam Khaleghiyazdi
Richard Lowdell
Matteo Lupatelli
Silvia Marinelli
Alessia Monfroni
Francesco Montesanti
Margherita Morellini
Diyana Nikolova
Giulia Pastorino
Julie Pernet
Lea Reusse
Alberto Rey Ruiz
Alessandro Ripane
Claudio Rossi
Francesca Sacconi
Piero Schirinzi
Olesia Sekeresh
Nicolò Tromben
João Vaz De Carvalho
Vikki Zhang

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