Utopian updates, but not too much…

The online voting for the Popular Prize ended on 30 March 2021. Now the only thing left to do is the award ceremony and, above all, the exhibition!

In recent months we had hoped that the exhibition would open in May.

Now that we are in May, the health situation is improving, but an exhibition also needs a certain amount of planning and time for promotion. Under the current circumstances we would only be able to open the exhibition in the second half of June and for a very short period, depending on the availability of the hall. In addition, many artists who do not live in Italy, as well as special guest David McKee, are probably still very limited in their movements and unable to attend.

These considerations made us think about postponing the exhibition again, in order to give it more time and promotion, and therefore more opportunities to be visited. This decision has been particularly troubling, both because it forces us to make you wait longer, and because it will make the start of the new edition of the competition and the consequent postponement of all the events related to it much more complicated.

With this postponement we hope to have made the right choice to give the right value to the exhibition, to the artworks of the selected artists, to the artworks of David McKee and those of Francesco Fidani (last year’s winner).

As soon as possible we will announce the new dates of the exhibition, most likely it will be in December 2021, hoping that there will be no other Covid-related closures.

We are very sorry that we will not be able to welcome you as soon as we would have liked.

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