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The chaos of cataloging

Surely the most chaotic moment of the competition is that of cataloging. Saturday, October 20th, the registrations for the fourteenth edition of the competition were closed and in these days we are opening packages, checking entries, digitizing illustrations … In short, a long work awaits us that will end when – around November 10th – all the illustrations will be put online. Meanwhile, the jury will also work to express its verdict that will arrive on November 20. We thank all the participants right away, this year more numerous than ever: a sign of affection, after so many editions, that makes us enormously pleased; and we launch the invitation for December 8 for the opening of the exhibition of the selected authors – CAOS -, and the opening of Victoria Semykina show (winner of the last edition), and the opening of the exhibition of Mordillo, the special guest of this year.

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