Caos – Selected authors

Many people have written to us, eager to know the results, and we apologize for making you wait one more day to know the results of the competition, but the choices when they are suffering and intense require time and meditation, so it was for the jury of this year, that we thank for the patience and dedication. Below are the 48 authors selected in the group of 975 participants. All 48 selected authors will be exhibited in Cremona between 8 December 2018 and 3 February 2019 (and subsequently in Genova Nervi until June 2019), together with the anthology section dedicated to Mordillo, special guest of this XIV edition. Among the 48 selected will be chosen the 12 authors published on the calendar and the winner of the first prize of 2500 euros, which will be awarded the same day during an award ceremony that probably will be very chaotic. The People’s Prize (500 euros) will also be awarded to one of these authors at the end of online voting.

Voting will start on Monday, November 26, 2018 at midday and will close on Friday, November 30, 2018 at midnight. Only selected authors can be voted. Once again we thank all the participants and we invite you to the inauguration of the exhibition on December 8th: at 4pm at our gallery (corso XX Settembre 22, Cremona) will be inaugurated the exhibition of Victoria Semykina (winner of the last edition), then at 17 to Santa Maria della Pietà will take place the award ceremony and the inauguration of Chaos with the presence of Mordillo. Sunday, December 9 at 11 will take place – always in Santa Maria della Pietà – a more intimate meeting, with Guillermo Mordillo and all the illustrators.

Emanuele Benetti
Giovanni Berton
Antonio Bonanno
Federica Bordoni
Inna Burshteyn
Giulia Canala
Francesco Caporale
Victor Cavazzoni
Michele Cazzaniga
Beatrice Cerocchi
Lorenza Cotellessa
James Daw
Costanza Degli Abbati
Luca Di Battista
Nicola Ferrarese
Brian Fitzgerald
Federica Fruhwirth
Manon Gauthier
Davide Ghiacci
Tommaso Gianno
Lorenzo Gritti
Matteo Gubellini
Joey Guidone
Tomoyo Hiroishi
Irene and Irene
Luisa Jung
Raphaël Kolly
Andrea Kurtz
Stefano Marra
José David Morales
Marie Muravski
Giulia Neri
Gianluca Patti / Bianca Sangalli Moretti
Alice Piaggio
Alessandro Pugiotto
Chiara Raineri
Ramírez Dalmau Adrià
Jacopo Riva
Guido Rosa
Simone Rotella
Morgane Sanglier
Marco Spadari
Filippo Spinelli
Gianfranco Spione
Marisa Ventura
Puthima Wongdeeprasith
Laura Zani
Antonio Zeoli

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