Stop! Stop and look at the gallery!

Perhaps some people were beginning to fear that everything had stopped, that STOP was not only the theme of the new Tapirulan Illustrators Contest but also its sad destiny… But here we are, after the time needed to catalogue the artworks and prepare the gallery, presenting all the illustrators who took part in this seventeenth edition. There are 611 artists from all over the world who have decided to stop for a moment and – with paper, pen or computer – send in their illustrations.

Visit the gallery!

The gallery is available to everyone, open as usual to comments and opinions. Now the jury have the task of choosing 12 illustrations for the calendar and a total of 48 illustrations to be displayed in the STOP exhibition, which will be held in Cremona in May 2022. The selected authors will be announced by the end of December 2021 and immediately afterwards the voting for the Popular Prize will begin, which will concern – we remind you – only the 48 selected artists.

All that remains is to invite you to stop by and wish you a good viewing!

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