Ciao ciao…

The gestation of the 13th edition of Tapirulan’s illustration contest has been long, but finally we’re ready. We have a brand new website which we hope is clearer and will provide all the informations you need. We also have a brand new jury headed by someone we are particularly attached to because he has been around since Tapirulan’s birth. We’re talking about Tony Wolf and we are proud and honoured to organize the exhibition of his works which will be shown alongside that of the competition. So: Ciao! We’re saying hello and telling you the theme of the competition at the same time! Ciao is a friendly and informal greeting, used mostly in it’s native Italy, but also very common almost all over the world, mainly thanks to the many Italian emigrants who’ve taken it with them. You meet with a ciao, you introduce yourself with a ciao, you say goodbye with a ciao… How? Where? Who with? Why? We’ll leave the answers to all these questions to the fervid imaginations of our illustrators. Entries will be accepted up until 25 October 2017. Send us your greeting in a square format, either paper or pixel: here you can find details of the rules. When the competion closes the jury will choose 12 illustrators for the annual Tapirulan calendar, the winner of the 2.000 euro prize and the 48 illustrators whose work will be shown in the international contemporary illustration exhibition (from December to January in Cremona and from March to June in Genova-Nervi). Ciao!

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