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miraculous flower

Tecnica: 数字绘画






The work I submitted, “The Flower of Wonderful Healing”, is a presentation of my use of art to heal myself and finally awaken my love for myself.

In the two years since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, I have experienced some sad things. Out of control emotions and terrible nightmares haunt me like a sluggish puppet out of balance. But I am glad that I still have art and painting to accompany me.

What this painting expresses is: the imaginary self is trying to correct my crooked heart and body through the lifting thread in my hand. Trying to wake up the brain and guts that stopped working. Finally, through unremitting persistence and hard work, colorful flowers gradually bloomed in my body, and the downcast little puppet on the left (representing the former self) also transformed into a small puppet with wings and a crown on the right (representing the new self) ), and the puppet-shaped “I” on the right holds up a healed “heart”, which also grows branches and blooms beautiful blue roses.

During the creation period, other art forms such as music also gave me a lot of help, and I tried my best to draw my feelings about music and the rhythm and color of the music I heard. (I think you can see from “The Flower of Miracle Healing” that the rhythm of the music is brisk, jazzy, and psychedelic)

This creative process gave me a new understanding. I understand myself, feel myself through painting, and find the balance point for self-growth. I think this is also the evidence that I heal myself a little bit and dedicate “love” to myself.

杨 小羊
杨 小羊
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