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I used Li Bai’s sleepwalking in Tianlao to say goodbye, and Sun Chuo’s tour of Tiantai Mountain as the starting point for my creation. Combining the content of their poems with the current Taizhou architecture, this time I take the poet’s dream as the starting point, the sea guest talks about Yingzhou, the misty waves are faint and hard to find, and in Li Bai’s dream, I combine the sea and the mountains The interlacing and overlapping create a scene that is both real and illusory. In the interlaced space, I reconstructed the poem “Sleepwalking Tianmu Yin Liu Farewell”, combining the ancient and the present, and creating a modern story in the ancient dream. In the picture, I replaced the temples with tall buildings, which are hidden in the mountains and clouds, and float above the sea. This is what I dreamed of.

哲 牛
哲 牛
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哲 牛