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Milek Bogus

Milek Bogus

Utopia is Dystopia

Utopia from Greek ou+topos literally no place, is the term created by Thomas More in his book of same title, which many perceive as ironic or even cynical. Interestingly Dystopia Greek dys+topos meaning bad place isn’t antonym of Utopia as…

Bogus Milek - Protective Oppression

Protective Oppression

Everywhere where we go, everywhere where we look, we see that everything is super and we are super and in the future it will even be superior, as long as we stare at our screens that are off course super…

(CIAK) Secret Ceremony - Illustrazione di Milek Bogus

Secret Ceremony

My image comes from Secret Ceremony film with Elizabeth Taylor and Mia Farrow. Mia runs in that scene to open the door- what happens on her face is amazing, there is so many feelings coming through her in just few…

Milek Bogus - Omina (Tapirulan Illustrators Contest SOS)


The signs we see, tell us much more what is about to happen than SOS signals that come afterwards…..

2014 (X) - Milek Bogus - Nur sie weiss- Only she knows

Nur sie weiss- Only she knows

In the land of X, there was a place that no one dared to mention, the mansion of X. For a X reason it remained abandoned for a X seasons. Some say however that there was a girl who?s name…

2013 (Eden) - Milek Bogus - Einladung- Invitation

Einladung- Invitation

For me the eden is above all the gates to it- the only visible part for most of people…those who succeed to enter rather don’t go back, so is for majority of mortals the perception of eden really superficial…That is…

2012 (Buffet) - Milek Bogus - L'heure du buffet

L’heure du buffet

The buffet is not only the perfect occasion to fortuitous encounters and planned meetings but more often it is marking occasion itself. It marks the beginning or happy ending, very often culmination or even turning point. On that aspect of…