Utopia is Dystopia

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Utopia from Greek ou+topos literally no place, is the term created by Thomas More in his book of same title, which many perceive as ironic or even cynical. Interestingly Dystopia Greek dys+topos meaning bad place isn’t antonym of Utopia as it even does not exist; what worse each time the humanity tried to reach utopic state, they ALWAYS finished by creating hell on earth- Dystopia… My illustration says each of these terms creates slippery slope transition into “the opposite” as they have more in common than we think.

Milek Bogus
Milek Bogus
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  1. Beautiful delicate lines used with great precision to create ART passing on us extremely powerful message! Wonderful and very intelligent hand drawing!!!

  2. Sublime, delicate lines creating at the same time ART and extremely powerful message. Wonderful!

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