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Tecnica: PapperCut

The brain is filled with things, landscapes, places, objects. Sometimes it starts with one thing and ends with another, other times it fixes ideas that seem clear to us: a glass… a funnel… half an hourglass…
The brain is amazed at everything it finds, everything it sees: it produces, reproduces, thinks, rethinks, remembers, forgets and remembers again. From being so full, sometimes the brain gives Tilt!

Gémeo Luís
Gémeo Luís

Luís Mendonça was born in Maputo in 1965. He is a designer, professor and researcher at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the
University of Porto. He is a member of the ID+ Institute for Research in Design Media and Culture and of the
ELOS-Galician-Portuguese Association for Research in Children and Youth Literature at the University of Santiago de Compostela. With multifaceted and awarded activity, she develops multidisciplinary work in the fields of Communication Design, Product Design, Social Design, Entrepreneurship, Illustration, Scenography, Architecture, Museography or Sculpture. From curatorship to publishing, from public sculpture to industrial products, from traditional workshops to contemporary
technology, he develops projects marked by transversality.
Gémeo Luís is the pseudonym of Luís Mendonça. Distinguished illustrator and awarded nationally and internationally, he has
illustrated established and new authors. His work has been published in several publishers, newspapers and reference
magazines. Develops illustration in the diversity of media, materials, scales and contexts. He regularly collaborates with
cultural institutions, libraries, schools, museums, conducting lectures and workshops. It is represented in public and private
collections, inside and outside the country.

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