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Tecnica: It was drawn and shaded with pencil, outlined with pen; colorful details with water-based marker pen; shading and overall color digitally adjusted. Materials used: 2B pencil, fineliner drawing pen Uni; Posca pen; Canson paper 200g/m2. Digital resizing and finishing using Gimp and Inkscape software. Dimensions of the artwork: 3665 pixels x 3665 pixels; 300dpi; 31 cm x 31 cm.

Where is Mr. Rabbit going in such a hurry? – Goals, time, goals… – he replies, a little annoyed at being interrupted and not taking his eyes off his watch. He dedicates himself completely to work. His office is always crammed with files and documents, and countless clocks scattered in every corner of the space prevent him from forgetting any professional commitments. There is never time to take care of his family and health, his main treasures… – There is no time! I need another cup of coffee, please! I need to stay awake… goals, time, goals… – he answers without taking his eyes off the typewriter. On a certain day, Mr. Rabbit receives an unusual visit! Time suddenly stops and the hands of the clocks in your room disappear. Mr. Rabbit raises his head with a start and gets a great fright! The Grim Reaper! Sliding through his bony fingers, he hands him, with a sneer, the only clock that works. Time now runs in a different way for Mr. Rabbit. Where Grim Reaper will lead him, the goals of the work no longer matters.

Rebeca Maria Gadelha de Sousa
Rebeca Maria Gadelha de Sousa
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