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Tecnica: Black ballpoint pen and alcohol ink

In the morning, in the small coastal town in the south of France where I was born, I would often see people sitting in the quayside bars, sipping coffee and smoking cigarettes, with their faces marked by the weather, the wind and the sun.
I represent a moment which, at first glance, seems rather gloomy: a jaded-looking person, hot coffee and cigarette in hand, sedentary and leaning on a table in a harbor bistro. His face is expressionless but he feels good.
We need sometimes to STOP and dive into this well-being and introspective loneliness, which we all know, in different ways and which is necessary.

Antoine Devictor
Antoine Devictor

Born in Sète in 1990, I studied industrial design in France and currently live in Montreal, Quebec. I work as a freelance designer mainly for a French electronic music label.
I have always drawn and love to experiment with new techniques. I am passionate about industrial design, problem solving and innovation. But above all artistic and technical creations.

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