Tecnica: Paper, marker, colour paper, liner, pastel

Dear Commission,

The name of my superhero is Oreon, it is a portrait of Silvester Stallone. I have decided to make his personality for my character from the League of my superheroes as one of the wise and conservative hero. He is a good influencer. He reminds me my father, there is a reason of my feelings to Stallone, it is my pleasure.
My superheroes are here https://issuu.com/alexandramiracle/docs/hero-web-sm
I am trying to find an investor for publishing and animating my scripts. I have 28 superheroes. All my superheroes are couples. I want to create family-oriented heroes.
I have a status of national protection in Italy, dreaming about my Art studio to create something for saving Italian culture. I love Italian filmography. I have a blog, where I promote Italian language trying to save this beautiful Culture.

Respect and Honour,
Alexandra Chudinova

Alexandra Chudinova
Alexandra Chudinova

Lead Designer, Project Manager, Artist, Founder Alexandra Miracle®, Teacher, Author, Writer, Lecturer, Model, Ph.D. candidate

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