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Wrathful deities conter entropy

Tecnica: Digital painting print on transparent film

We live in an digital era. We always thought matter produced information, but soon with the advancement of scientific formalisms we realised, that everything fundamentally is made up of information, as physicist John Wheeler once said, “It from Bit”. 

So “Glitch” (short-lived failure in a system), is no longer a stranger to us. This term is actually itself contradictory, because the “failure” in the material world means lack of some elements, but the glitch itself in the digital world, implies excess — that means too much interference. As Rudolf Arnheim says, “Information is the opposition of entropy, and entropy is the measure of disorder. ”

Through this series of art work I try to portray the complex paradoxical nature concerning the world of digitization. The core laws of physics, as ever, are like the eternal commandments, that can’t be easily violated. One of the laws of thermodynamics concerns with a thing called, entropy. Simply put, disorder. It says disorder in the universe always tends to increase. Which is why you never see a broken glass assemble itself into a perfect one. While this has a lot of implications to many fields with in physics and to the nature of time, it has also has some implications in the domain of metaphysics. And in art. 

We tend to forget that the beautiful order we see around us, created an otherwise unnoticeable disorder along with it, that we generally tend to ignore. Such is life! But art gives me window to express this. In this art work I show how that the light that passes through these transparent film reveal to us the underlying painting. The areas that allow the light to pass by form a border around the areas in which don’t allow the light to pass by, creating the image as we see. Such is the situation with our everyday reality. The order we create automatically produces the disorder and the light of the intellect should let us see it as a whole! 

While the wrathful deities in us try to battle the entropy, to obtain order in chaos, there’s no battle universally. Order and disorder are like the two sides of the door that open into the reality. Welcome, home!

Dali Wu
Dali Wu
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