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Is my Eros your Thanatos?

Tecnica: Digital, mixed media

Is my Eros your Thanatos?

Lost for long the files concealed in the tower of Babel
with rocks and stones scattered around
Hanging over the end of the skyline is the deadly tranquility
While the mysterious rainbow is yet to fade away
Across the rustic pale wall
without touching the rules
a dumb escaped from the moon
carrying a weak bag filled with verb fragments
By mere chance and as she is
Weaving into the code of her own.


Thanatos is the force of self-preservation in us. It is the need in us for superiority, for conquest, for primacy. It is what lies behind our aggression and rage. It is the ego crying out to be the center of the universe, the top of the pecking order, the first and last. It’s Donald Trump, tweeting to put everyone down, boasting and bragging. Imagine a billion beings full of Thanatos, competing to be the center of the universe, the top of the hierarchy — they wouldn’t care if the whole world burned down, they’d be suffused with the pleasure of the fight.

So what’s the meaning of “SUPER”? The SUPERiority, or SUPERnumerary, SUPERficial, or, SUPERnal…? The list could be long. Capitalism is Thanatos’ superiority pushed to its outermost limit — ME, MYSELF, I — you are the only thing that matters, maximizing your own power and advantage should be the only that matters to you, and society should just be an arena of vicious, brutal combat, which we euphemistically call “competition”. In this sense, is my life(to kill) your death(killed)?

Our society is an arena for brutal, bloody combat. Therefore, everyone should suffer — the one who can take the most suffering wins. And the one who wins is the one who can pull everyone else down the most, hardest, fastest — and climb atop them. It’s because Thanatos — aggression, self-preservation, egoism, domination — came to be the only force in society whatsoever. Thanatos doesn’t get us to happiness: it just gets us to the pleasures of domination, cruelty, and aggression. What it doesn’t do is anything deeper, truer, and more enduring. It doesn’t get us to fulfillment, purpose, meaning, truth, contentment, self-discovery, or self-realization. Therefore, is my self-gestation(Eros) your prey(Thanatos)?

What’s the meaning of Eros? Sometimes called “libido”, is the need for self-transcendence. You can understand in a narrow Freudian sexual way, but it’s better seen as the need to lose yourself, to merge, to become One. It is feeling the “connectedness in things”, we often say. Eros is the simplest thing of all. But we’re so distant and detached from Eros in our age. To attain it is simple — All that thinking of you, you, you stops. A feeling of purity, of wonder, of beauty rises in you. You transcend yourself and you remerge into the oneness. That’s Eros. You used to experience this unity in the uterus. but you can also feel it now with a society, with a city, with yourself, or with the whole world.

The ancient wisdom of shamanism is about the rebalancing the hidden force of Eros and Thanatos. And the 21 century which isn’t similar to its previous cruel century, where human beings need for self-transcendance and for connectedness, for caring for everything, it is about to recall the force of Eros in this age of death. This is also the reformation for today’s superhuman — for discovering a greater truth about ourselves, our inner suchness.

Dali Wu
Dali Wu
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