Unplug To Be Free

Tecnica: Sketches and illustration in photoshop

The word stop is very powerful. It only took me a second to immediately know how I was going to interpret, depict, and show my illustration representing STOP. Everyone and anyone is guilty of overthinking, or allowing negative thoughts to run wild through their head. Overthinking is one of my biggest enemies, which I am sure most, if not all can relate to. I chose to illustrate a “demonic” figure with a power chord not plugged in to the electrical socket of the head, and then depicting the skull rising up and turning into a beautiful jade face “in the light.” Of course the color red is very powerful, which is why I used it for the bottom half of the illustration which includes the demon, his tongue which is the electrical chord, the bottom half of the skull, the electrical socket which is meant to represent the ear or brain of the skull looking frightened, and finally the spinal cord of the skull. I illustrated the cable not plugged into the skull, in which we then see on the top section of the illustration the skull raising up and going from red to a beautiful jade/green with a golden glow. This is to represent that when we STOP and get out of our own heads we allow ourselves to be free and live our best life.

Dylan Kaminsky
Dylan Kaminsky
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