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Shutting out the birds

Tecnica: Traditional gouache paint and brush plus Photoshop

The Birds’ by Alfred Hitchcock. Melanie Daniels {Tippi Hendren) hears a noise and walks up the stairs guided by the light from her torch. She opens the upstairs door and enters the room to discover a hole in the roof. This is where the birds entered the room and once she shines her torch at the birds they attack her. Eventually she escapes closing the door behind her and returns to the downstairs room. This scene is combined with a later scene which occurs downstairs. In the downstairs room the window shutters become loose and some of the angry birds attempt to enter the room shattering the glass. Mitch Brenner (Rod Taylor) pulls a cord through the shutters through the broken glass and shuts out the intruders. The illustration combines both scenes and the cord used to close the shutters is now the cord pulling closed the ciak board.

Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald
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