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Tecnica: DIGITAL

When i was a child, i used to want to have a secret garden. A garden with all of stuff i love. A garden where i can read book, creative without background noise. Time by time, this dream fall into oblivion.
Recently, COVID-19 pandemic come, make our life become chaotic: Death, illness, unemployment,… But it’s also time to make our lifestyle slowly. We’re on social isolation. We come back home and have a chance to connecting to your soul again. I also think about my secret gardent again, because of theme: “UTOPIA”.
It’s a garden with a tiny houde make from a dragond fruit, a special famous fruit of my hometown; and a lot of mushroom and flower. A secret garden where we’re just restful; that why my tiny girl has no-face. Because i think any emotion is provisional. A secret garden where i can touch my soul again, in to the wild, connect to natural, be healed, be loved.
Do you have any secret garden for yourself?

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