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2023 - Niyati Froind - My heart was wrapped in clover

My heart was wrapped in clover

Niyati Froind

Tecnica / Technique:

colored pencils, watercolor

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

My work title comes from the song “At last” performed by Etta James.
For many years I’ve longed to find true love a have a family, listening to this song at nights and cry.
But now, when I’ve finally got the family and home I yearned for – a dark cloud is hanging over my life. My country is slogging in a political, social and cultural muck. Every time I watch the news there is a new law undermining our liberal and democratic existence. We demonstrate and protest, but the future seems glim and hopeless. Many of my friends are leaving Israel, and the thought of immigrating is flooding me with dark anxiety.

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