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2023 - CHI-LE LEE - Harmony of Heaven and Earth

Harmony of Heaven and Earth


Tecnica / Technique:

watercolor painting

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

In this painting, we see a traditional Chinese dragon, which symbolizes nature. The dragon’s body winds and twists around the canvas, with its scales shimmering brightly. The dragon represents the power and mystique of the natural world, symbolizing the strength of Mother Nature.

Beside the dragon, there are two young girls representing humanity. They are dressed modestly but radiate wisdom and kindness from their faces. One of the girls stands near the dragon’s head, and the other stands near its tail, their hands gently touching the dragon, symbolizing their connection to it.

The theme of this painting is “Harmony of Heaven and Earth.” It conveys the idea that humanity and the natural world must work hand in hand to achieve coexistence. The two girls represent humanity, emphasizing our responsibility to protect and respect the natural world and live in harmony with it. The dragon represents the power of the natural world, reminding us to humbly acknowledge the might of nature and coexist peacefully with it.

The title “Harmony of Heaven and Earth” underscores the concept of “tandem,” where humanity and the natural world must collaborate and depend on each other to achieve peace, prosperity, and coexistence. This painting calls on viewers to reflect on our relationship with the natural world and inspires us to take action to protect and preserve our planet.

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