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Hello. Goodbye.

Tecnica: Mixed Media and Digital.

When I realized that “Ciao” not only meant “Hello” but was also a way to say “Goodbye”, my mind went immediately to the two biggest events in a person’s life. Birth and Death. We say “hello” when we come into this world. We’re greeted with a “hello”. We’re so small and new and we can’t comprehend or realize how much we impact those around us; parents, siblings and so on. We began to grow. We live our lives and we try to leave our mark and be there for those who need us. We work day in and day out until one day we realize we’ve grow old and our time is winding down. Before we know it, it’s time to say “Ciao” once again. This time we can find piece in knowing just how much we meant to everyone around us, and just how precious life really is.

Nick Ogonosky
Nick Ogonosky
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