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Drowning Together

Tecnica: Computer graphics and textures

I want my artwork to make people rethink about the refugee crisis in EU. It is absolutely chaos. According to the documentary “Human Flow” made by famous artist Ai Weiwei, most of the refugees are decent people who were forced to leave their homes. Thousands of them drown in Mediterranean Sea every year. It seems EU is drowning in this crisis too since it is not ready or unwilling to tackle the refugee crisis. Ignoring problems can only make problems worse. Wealthy and peaceful nations should help stop the causes of the refugee crisis in those poor, chaotic nations, and positively deal with the refugees collectively. EU plays a very important role on the global stage. Like Mr. António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, said at TED conference “refugees have the right to be protected and we can solve the global refugee crisis”. As an ordinary immigrant and citizen in Canada, I firmly believe what Mr. António Guterres said.

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