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Dalin & Xiaolin

Tecnica: gouache & digital illustration

Dalin & Xiaolin, one of the most famous fairy tales written by Zhang Tianyi in the early 1930s, tells a story about the adventures of ten-year-old twin brothers Dalin and Xiaolin after their parents die. One day they flee from a monster and lose contact with each other. Dalin is adopted by a millionaire and becomes a parasite only fond of eating and doing nothing. In the end, he drifts to the island of the Rich Man, where numerous treasures can be found but no food. Dalin dies of hunger on the island in the end because he does not know any practical survival skills. By contrast, Xiaolin works extremely hard and overcomes numerous hardships. He has a good heart and is always ready to help others. As a result, he earns his colleagues’ respect and is able to make a good living.

Xiaojie Liu
Xiaojie Liu
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