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Devil inside

Tecnica: Acrylics and digital assembled

Gambling addiction is a terrible disease that makes people go completely nuts and lose all control and self-control. The playing devil completely takes over rational thinking, thinking is briefly paused and all rationality has disappeared.

Steven Van Hasten
Steven Van Hasten

Steven Van Hasten lives and illustrates in Ghent, a historic, vibrant city in Belgium. He was not born there but has been making the neighborhood unsafe for 30 years after he had stayed there after studying Design and Illustration at Sint-Lucas, school of arts. He illustrates children's books, magazines, for companies and much more. His illustrations take you on a journey through a landscape in which a lot is hidden, a wink, a visual joke or a critical reference to society. His illustrations are never a literal representation of the story or of what needs to be portrayed. They have their own context, provide more information about the subject and add things to it. Social criticism is often incorporated in small references.

His work has been internationally recognized by Northern festival of Illustration, 3x3 Magazine, JIA, Society of illustrators LA, Applied Arts Magazine, AOI…

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