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Information is everywhere…
Have you ever noticed, how much our time we spend staring to screens of smartphones? Too much, indeed. Many faces, many facts, many lives, many problems and joys as we will able to find in short time. All this information comes to our head, transforms our minds, even changes us. There is no more necessary to find something new. Every answer to your questions you can find in several seconds. Just ask your phone! And then the main question is: is it normal or is it a norm? So…
Social media — add of your real time. Have you noticed when it started to form your reality? Sometimes it seems that social media is a place you live. But what is your face in real? How do you live, spend your day time without any posts in a social media? How much time do you live in reality, feeling everything aroud you, and what a part of your time a virtual life takes? Have you ever thought about that?
Smartphones became our ‘friends’. They are everywhere we are.
Smartphones. Are they more inteligent than we are? And what about the improving our inteligence then?
If the smartphone knows almost everything and brings a big package of information in a few seconds, what the human knows in real, finding by his own in his surroundings?
Another question is: is it right or wrong to keep so many information in our minds? What part of it is really necessary to us?
The human very often does not see any problem in that. And why because it causes many problems.
A chaos of information.
After all, the quite rare thing is to see shinning human’s eyes not because they are looking at the screen of the phone, but they shine after hearing a good word, deeply touching sound, while watching a beautiful view, discovering something amazing new or just meeting old friends and new people.
You’ll never feel that looking at your phone.
So, leave your smartphone for a while and feel the life, looking for information in your surroundings, with all images, sounds and feelings.

Laimutė Varkalaitė
Laimutė Varkalaitė
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