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A girl and a cat at Ca’del Ciliegio

Tecnica: Monoprint using oil transfer technique with color pencil

My “ciao” is hello, and it is non-verbal communication.
On Spring 2017, a little german girl followed her mother to Sarmede, she met two Italian cats and one became her friend. Of course, they communicated with their gesture because they couldn’t speak other’s language. When I was back to Bangkok, a girl and this cat reminded me to all of the wonderful welcoming atmosphere at Sarmede although I can’t speak Italian. However I know ciao, I said it to everyone, they greeted me with the same word, and more than word they greeted me with the friendly and warm welcome gesture; two ladies who kindly tried to help me when I was lost; the host who gave me a nice hospitality; all lovely classmates and teacher who tried to communicate through their illustrations. It’s beautiful and meaningful. This is my Ciao.

Yodchat Bupasiri
Yodchat Bupasiri
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