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The Ciak makes me think of directors, and for me the best film that puts the director in front of the ciak is 8½. Guido suffers from directors block. He is haunted by questions of what he is doing with his work, where is it all going? And so in the final scene we are left with the abandoned film set, a symbol of Guido’s failed attempts to structure his messy life. Here he sits, and a revelation comes over him. Like stars appearing in the sky, the people that fill his life being to appear, and guido begins to see that his film is not a tragedy, but a comedy. As his ecstacy reaches it’s peak, he pulls back the curtain and a whole ocean of people pour out into the desert, and the celebration begins. The abadoned film set becomes a circus, and Guido is the ring leader. Finally, like any real comedy, there is a marriage, a symbolic marriage of real commitment between Guido and his wife, and of the artist to the people in his life, he accepts them, and he joins them, and they dance away.

Joseph Ruddick
Joseph Ruddick
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