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Special guest Guillermo Mordillo

The special guest of the fourteenth edition of the exhibition is Guillermo Mordillo, better known simply as Mordillo.

Born in Argentina in 1932, Mordillo is a cartoonist and cartoon animation author. He has been one of the most published cartoonists in many countries of the world since the 70s. He started his career in Peru, then in the United States, where he worked at Paramount providing his work as a designer for some animated short films of comics characters destined to become famous, such as Popeye. But the international fame for Mordillo will come after he moved to Paris, in the ’60s, when he will give life to funny and poetic drawings that will then appear on books, puzzles, diaries and posters. Mordillo,s works are characterized by bright colors and a strong sense of humor impersonated by his funny and peaceful characters, who do not express themselves in words but through gestures, in scenes developed especially in sports (especially football and golf) and in the sphere of the couple. Equally famous are the images that see protagonists nature and animals, in particular the giraffes, whose adventures have been collected in several volumes of incredible success.