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Anna Grimal

Anna Grimal

2021-8028 - Anna - Grimal - our time

our time

During the confinement we lazy, we were at peace, we took all the naps, we read the backlog, …

(CIAK) La dolce Vita - Illustrazione di Anna Grimal

La dolce Vita

When it was investigating on the topic, I was finding evocative images. Ultimately I chose La dolce vita for his elegance. I found multiple images about this film. Then I imagine since it might be quite behind the camera and…

2014 (X) - Anna Grimal - the x here

the x here

from hieroglyphics and what represent ant I try to represent the unknown x the egypt world always curious and graphic . I believed it was right for the subject of this contest.

2011 (Privacy) - Anna Grimal - don't look

don’t look

I try to show the weaknesses of people. People who day to day not to show his true personality, or feel weak by this defect, just look at it in privacy. I also want to show that privacy can be…