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Olesia Sekeresh

Olesia Sekeresh

2020-7230 - Olesia Sekeresh - Approximation


What is utopia? Something we can dream of but never reach? Or is a roadmap for concrete action? Maybe something in between. For sure utopia comes along with a feeling inside you. Therefore there is no one utopia, there are…

olesia Sekeresh - Super impression

Super impression

I choose ”Super Impression” theme and tried to explain it in my illustration. So, it is about super feeling which I got the first time in my life when I saw fireflies. This moment impresses me on a very deep…

Forest in a shopping venture

As for me, my chaos is in nature, exactly in forest. I need this chaos for my soul harmony. Forest is full of life, trees, animals, insect which live in deep chaos but in well balanced cooperation. When I go…

Olesia Sekeresh - Danger (Tapirulan Illustrators Contest SOS)


Without air we are in SOS situation. My artwork relating to real history of illegal drugs action which were found in parrot.