Daimonfist ®

Daimonfist ®

Illustrator and great lover of the fantastic art.(ilustrador y gran amante del arte fantastico)
Daimonfist ® - Declive


Declive, is a work made from recurring thoughts of an apocalyptic future, in which my visions only lead me to an imminent destruction by our worship of false idols, which will be consumed in the fire of denial of reality,…

2021-9316 - Cristian Camilo - Bastidas Ramirez - Fatum

Fatum, Redeemer of space time

to stop time and space and to be able to repair all damage in this time, it is impossible, but our inner being behaved like a deity trying to stop everything that hurts us, in those more turbid moments, Fatum…


the need to satiate our hunger makes us feed too much, to the point of devouring ourselves. this is chaos.