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Tecnica: Hand drawn, using felt pens only.

“Maturity means the same as innocence, only with one difference: it is innocence reclaimed, it is innocence recaptured. Every child is born innocent, but every society corrupts him. Every society, up to now, has been a corruptive influence on every child. All cultures have depended on exploiting the innocence of the child, on exploiting the child, on making him a slave, on conditioning him for their own purposes, for their own ends-political, social, ideological. Their whole efforts has been how to recruit the child as a slave for some purpose. Those purposes are decided by the vested interests. The priests and the politicians have been in a deep conspiracy, they have been working together.

The moment the child starts becoming part of your society he starts losing something immensely valuable; he starts losing contact with god. He becomes more and more hung up in the head, he forget all about the heart, and the heart is the bridge that leads to being. Without the heart you cannot reach the being?”
OSHO, Maturity the responsibility of being oneself, St. Martin`s Griffin New York, 1999.

Yes to the individualism and no to the collective thinking!

The society is represented by my line of characters that I have been doodling from around ten years. And here’s the green X that comes over the society to show the same idea OSHO talked about.
Why it is green not red? A red X would’ve been more significant when it comes to eliminate something, here it’s a green X, since me myself I have been through the society brain wash. And today I am still not sure if the collective thinking in a society really steals your innocence or it?s just an essential phenomena that unite people together. This confusion that I am living is represented by THE GREEN X.

Jad El Khoury
Jad El Khoury
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