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Tecnica: digital

Build a Utopia? That’s easy, if you can find a kid or two and ask them nicely to teach you. All they need is several pieces of building blocks or even crayons.
But later when they make those booming and buzzing sounds and work very busy, you should pay attention, because that is the moment that the magical world you thought impossible is becoming alive in front of you! Hope you still can see it, because I heard some grown-ups will lose the magic eyesight when they were a kid! So, are you still keeping your magical eyesight?

Oh, shhh! The Utopia moment is coming!!

YUAN Zheng
YUAN Zheng

YUAN ZHENG (袁政) is an artist, writer, and animation director from China. During 2012-2018, he made THE GREEN POND, a metamorphosis animation about a little bear's journey of finding its place in the big world. In 2019, his illustrated story RABBIT HOLE was exhibited at Asia Illustration Festival, in Powerlong Museum, Shanghai. It's a story of a bunny's understanding of family, love, and life. During 2020-2021, he illustrated a collection of 76 classic books of literature published by Jiangsu Phoenix Literature and Arts. In Yuan's art, the world is colorful and natural, and no matter what happened, kids will always laugh and smile in the end - reminding us how great curing power the world and kids have - you can always trust it.

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10 commenti

  1. Feels fresh and familiar when you find some Chinese characters here, I studied in Beijing years ago. That bottom building, a famous one, recalls my memories, the sky is always blue and clean, red walls and golden roofs everywhere, super nice people, great food!!
    Can’t stop noticing those babies, look exactly the same as ones in my kindergarden, enjoy their crawling and doodling on the floor mats, all the time. The poses and expressions are vividly captured.
    I realize my babies were doing the same thing with babies in the picture, and maybe painter him/herself! Usually, I mostly smile at them, thinking they’re being only adorable, but I’m now realizing how important the doodling is! This is really a beautiful work! Thanks!

  2. 为什么看不到我自己的留言?
    Why I can’t see my comment? should I only use English? I don’t know Italian:(

    • Bye! Yes, it would be better to write your comments in English. Before posting comments we check that they are respectful of other participants and that they are not spam, so if a comment is written in a language we don’t know, it may not be approved. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for letting me know! I’m happy to hear the reason!
    So I understand you are doing very good job:D Yes it’s very nice! I’m happy!

    I wrote yesterday is I want to leave message that this work is like a playground and very fun, but not only fun, later I can learn something! I love drawing too, I learned a lot from it!
    Still try once agian in Chinese, it’s for this painter, and if someone else understand Chinese will know more about this beautiful work and this contest! I won’t leave bad information! I hope people in all over the world, speaking different languages can see this beautiful show!
    Sorry for my English, hope not too bad, I already tried my best!
    Thank you again! I LOVE THE SHOW!!

  4. Interesting, paradox art, and a delicate design. Obviously, during such time, painting is much more close to filmmaking. Wish in 2021 we can travel freely like before.

  5. Have to write something about this one.
    In three aspects it’s a masterpiece:

    1. Complex and balanced composition, paradoxical & multi-dimensional space design, undoubtedly superb rendering skills, and good aesthetic value.
    2. Profound philosophical speculation, both the graphic design and the content. Reminds me of M.C.Eschel, or Matrix the film, or Buddhism–which are all my favorites. What is real? And then…
    3. What is our goal? –Reflections of reality: In what direction should the world heading to rebuild our homes in the post-pandemic era?

    So many elements are organized and balanced in just a small frame, and the subject is still prominent. All the entries are lovely, and particularly this one caught me back again and again. Many times, I showed it to people around me. When we talked about the new details and new understandings, I was still surprised now.

  6. Any prints available? Or maybe later? I really dig in the color and idea!
    I do believe the education to our next generation is necessary that different races of people should learn to respect each other and enjoy life. And I think it’s teachable. Really hope our kids can live in a better world!

  7. Hi, this is NEVER GALLERY, an online gallery mainly focused on introducing the paradoxical, philosophical, illusionary art & artists that will NEVER END.
    We think this is a piece that shows similar thoughts with our existing posts on our Instagram page So we’d like to repost this picture on our page, and with tags and @ to Tapirulan & artist’s webpage & social media account, so more people would visit this show.
    We don’t just show our “good looking” pictures randomly but also do researches like detectives do and decipher the inner culture codes of all our posts, yes including this one. Such as what do those architectures in the picture mean, and where are those details you would probably miss but better not, and maybe even talk more about genre and techniques and influence.
    The conclusion is, they all have deep connections, from west to east, from ancient to nowadays and maybe in the future, we believe this is the culture and human heritage.
    So if you’re interested, please take a glance at our page, again, it’s View our posts, read their inner stories, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

    Thanks for this beautiful show and the creator’s amazing job!

    • Hello, I’m here from your page!
      But I wanna pinpoint that this is also very Romantic and imaginary artwork, besides all those deep theories you addressed! Because from a perspective of also being an artist, I’m a little doubt whether people will appreciate art only because it’s complicated or mathematical, maybe it still has to be beautiful and artistic first.
      But of course thanks for introducing and all your other posts as well! You really built an ace page!
      I know all the buildings btw, actually I’ve been there, all four of them. We don’t live in a perfect world, but it is at the same time so beautiful, so precious, deserves our love and cares back.

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