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2023 - Ekaterina Skvortsova-Kowalski - Tre Orsi

Tre Orsi

Ekaterina Skvortsova-Kowalski

Tecnica / Technique:


Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

I’ve thought about tandem as a family bike (clearly), but also as cooperation. That got me thinking about folk tales, such as “The Great Turnip” and “The Three Bears”. While “The Great Turnip” seemed a perfect depiction of the word “tandem”—the characters being aligned one behind another, plus the “at last” of the turnip having been finally pulled out—I still found “The Three Bears” more intriguing, because I never quite understood why kids loved it so much. So I meditated upon the story and speculated that Goldilocks might be jealous of the bears doing everything in perfect tandem, and that was the reason for all the hooliganism and destruction she caused.

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  1. Avatar Ellie Marianchik

    your idea with turnip picture allusion on the wall is perfect

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