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Tecnica: Digital

In this illustration I tried to capture how many are able to now see the world that quarantine has lifted in many parts of the world. We yearn again for travel, for real visual, audible, and physical stimulation. We are hungry for new experiences. A parade in Tokyo seemed like an apt setting to show off how amazing real life can be.

FLuX Artist
FLuX Artist

Multi-award winning fine artist and illustrator FLuX (John Malloy) combines classical realism, street art style, and illustrative technique to create thought-provoking and eye-popping works. Using his training in trompe l’oeil, FLuX creates masterpieces in oil that feel hyper-realistic and almost 3 dimensional in person. His works vibrate with energy and either take the viewer into imaginative worlds or unabashedly celebrate the beating pulse that exists in everyday life. In addition to oil, he works in digital and other analog materials to produce his commercial illustrations. His commercial clients include Apple, Peace Tea, Focus Features, Monster Energy, Diesel, Sharpie, Prismacolor, The Grammy-nominated Internet Band, and more. His fine art has been exhibited in galleries across the US and in Japan, London, China, and Australia. Awards include The Creativity International Award, Society of Illustrators, Addy, and others. His illustrations have been reproduced in a variety of publications, including Gestalten’s Illusive, Spectrum, The Big Book of Contemporary Illustration and others.

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