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Toot Sweets

Tecnica: watercolor,charcoal,pencil

I have chosen the scene “toot sweets” from the 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.This scene always amazed me as a child and growing up it inspired me to work in the film industry. This scene took three weeks to film and involved 38 dancers, 40 singers, 85 musicians and 100 dogs.It still amazes me to this day how they managed to do this with the limited technology available back then and how ageless it still is.I have probably watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang over 50 times in my life and it never ceases to be an entertaining and lovely movie, because of the great special effects,set design,choreography and acting like in the scene “toot sweets”

Vanessa Mylchreest
Vanessa Mylchreest
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