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2023 - Samira Katebi - The wise camel follows the proud mouse

The wise camel follows the proud mouse

Samira Katebi

Tecnica / Technique:

Color pencil and digital

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

“Tandem” means “finally” and “follow”, it reminded me of one of Rumi’s stories. The story of the proud mouse and the wise camel. The mouse sees a wise camel and is fascinated by his wisdom and greatness and wishes to be friends with the camel. A humble camel befriends a mouse. The mouse had taken hold of the camel’s reins and was going ahead of him to show off, and the camel followed him, the mouse had a proud expression. The camel noticed this but did not say anything.
Until they reached a river. The mouse was shocked and scared and stopped and did not take a step forward. To discipline the mouse, the camel said: Oh friend, why are you standing still and not moving forward? Go, I will follow you too. The mouse answered: This river is big and I am afraid to death. The camel said: This water is nothing. It has not passed my knee yet. Why are you so afraid? The mouse said: This water is nothing for you, but it is too much for me. Finally, the mouse stopped being selfish and asked the camel to take him through that river. The wise camel takes the mouse on his back and crosses the river to teach the mouse to be merciful, kind and humble.

9 risposte a “The wise camel follows the proud mouse”

  1. Avatar Amir

    It’s a beautiful story. Like many people’s lives. A beautiful story with a great painting style can be so effective.

  2. Avatar Hoora

    So nice

  3. Avatar Feriall

    Wow A beautiful story of camel and mouse from masnavy ,the story of many people unfortunately. It was superb dear samira thanks

  4. Avatar Behnaz


  5. Avatar Ali

    That is awesome

  6. Avatar Mahsa

    So nice

  7. Avatar Arezoo

    Unforgettable lesson for human being, thanks for easy to capture creation lesson in our mind.

  8. Avatar Samira

    This painting is a masterpiece that appears delightful with its beautiful and well-balanced combination of colors and light.

  9. Avatar Mohammad


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