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2023 - Yuki Kodaira - The sun will rise again

The sun will rise again

Yuki Kodaira

Tecnica / Technique:


Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

Tandem is a Latin word meaning ‘finally, at last’.
I expressed tandem in the sense that there are things that can only be seen after overcoming various difficulties.
The world is still in a difficult situation today, with war, poverty and discrimination. However, just as we overcame the coronavirus pandemic over several years, we can only create a better world by working to solve problems step by step.
It is like climbing a mountain, sometimes hard and you may not know where the top is.
But just as the sunrise from the top of a mountain is very beautiful, the world we can see at the end of overcoming difficulties must be very beautiful.

In addition, our present life and what we have today is the result of the knowledge and actions of our predecessors in the present day, one by one. There is a saying, “A dwarf on the shoulders of giants”, and I believe that beautiful sunrises can only be seen because of the achievements of our predecessors. And we, too, need to act little by little so that we can leave a better world for the next generation.

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