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The other side…

Tecnica: photoshop

When I had considered the theme and tried to choose a film to portray I realized that for me the most important thing concerning movies is always the same. In my opinion there is something like ?film substance? and that is what worths to draw. Have you ever think about the ?relativity? of the particular moment? Each of us has different feelings, experience even if being at one place. That is just what I have wanted to show in my picture. We can see the offstage – the crew with the silhouette of the clapper girl in the foreground- from an actor eye view, that is the side we are not used to see when being spectators. The actor is the only person being nervous at the moment. The whole scene is hiden in the darkness, people there seem to be relaxed while talking, maybe smoking. But he has to suceed now, his head works hard. We can smell the tension. Making film is mainly about long hours of waiting, great expectations, the clapperboard sound is like a starting gun…That is the moment when film is being borned.

Linda S_ormova_ Melichova_
Linda S_ormova_ Melichova_
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