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The Many Souls To Save

Tecnica: Acrylic, Collage, Water Colour and Pen

The theme SOS filled my head with all kinds of ideas so I allowed the composition of this painting to happen organically.
Primarily I drew a Whale and a Life Ring, which I began to develop with paint. I liked the idea of the Whale helping a Soul of somekind, that would be sitting inside the Life Ring.
I always love to draw elements of nature and surrounding environments so I decided to focus my attention on the Ocean refering to the over fishing of the Seas. I also wanted to refer something to the human soul choosing a rather obvious image of the human heart to place in the life ring.
To keep with my often whimsical style I decided to place a paperboat in the image rather than a normal one….. The vegetable resemble food for the soul….
I placed Coral in the Ocean as it was a great way to keep the image bright and colourful as well as being another species at risk.
The stereo represents ‘Music for the Soul’ and to link this in with the other souls to be saved I created the musical notes and bars to look like a fishing net. I chose not to place any fish within the image.
I placed a Bee in the sky to continue the circle within the composition. This was influenced by a project I have been helping with to help Bees in their environment. The buzz of the bee is made using the Morse Code symbols for SOS.
Finally I placed the Iceberg to complete the composition and make suggestion to yet another topical issue in our World Oceans.

The images within the painting are connected full circle referring to the Idea that we are all one and non duality.

Thea Telford
Thea Telford
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